Monday, August 13, 2012

In Celebration of Six Years

Because we are still clinging to whatever shred of youth we still possess, for our six year wedding anniversary, Adam and I decided to drive four hours to see one of our favorite bands play in Bristol, Virginia last weekend. We decided to make a trip out of it and do do some fun things in the mountains while we were there.  We were also able to visit with some friends who just had a baby and only live 30 minutes from Bristol. It was a jam-packed weekend and one of the best I have had in a while.

It turns out that Mumford and Sons is also favored by a lot of other people, so we joined the 14,000 person throng, staked out our very tiny bit of standing room and tried not to move around too much. I was really surprised by how orderly everyone seemed to be.  I occasionally get a little bit of crowd fright, but everyone was so nice! No one around us was drunk and belligerently yelling about their rights, no one was pushing or shoving the little people to the ground. People were smiling and using manners and apologizing for stepping on your toes. Maybe even ironic mustachioed banjo-lovers can't take themselves seriously, so they are always ready to laugh. How great! Here's a picture of our side vantage point in the crowd before the show.

 We were like sardines!  Little hipster sardines! Adam and I had gotten there early to see Dawes (a very disappointing show, by the way) and had positioned ourselves where my audio engineer of a husband said the sound would be the best (directly in front of the sound booth and midway between the sound booth and the stage, in case you were wondering).

By the time Mumford & Sons took the stage the sun had set and the air was cooling down.  They played almost every track off of their last album and a few new songs that will be featured on their album that is going to be released in September. If those songs are any indication, the second album will be very, very good.

I don't usually get the "chills" that most people describe when hearing really good music, but I am occasionally so moved by the beauty of music that it makes me want to cry.  It was definitely one of those shows.  That, and I think Marcus Mumford needs a hug.  That dude is either a seriously tortured soul, or he just really has his act down.

After the concert, we drove to Boone, NC where we stayed in this quaint little cabin at a Bed and Breakfast called the Mast Farm Inn.

The next morning we stuffed ourselves silly on baked french toast and brown sugar black pepper bacon and headed out to downtown Boone.  I was pleasantly surprised with Boone, as it is a quaint and tiny hill-town in the NC mountains.  Adam and I got lost in a huge antique store for an hour and we ate a delicious late lunch at Our Daily Bread.

After Boone, we headed out to Todd, NC where we did river-tubing at the recommendation of a friend.  I am so glad she told us to do it because it was exactly what I needed.  The river was lazy, the water was cool and the air was crisp and refreshing.  The tubes were seriously posh (head rests and cup holders!) and my only regret is that we only did it for an hour.

The ride home was a bit sobering, as our route back home was blocked for about an hour because of this accident. Overall, this trip was so wonderful, and I can't wait until our next trip west.


Nanette R. said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad you had a fun get-away weekend. I love Boone! The tubing sounds wonderfully relaxing and fun!

Meg said...

We LOVE Mumford! We first saw them play several years ago in a bar in Illinois and paid a $5 cover charge! If only it were that cheap to see them now. So glad you got to see them!