Friday, August 31, 2012

As Time Goes By

For the last few hours I got lost reading my old journals from high school and college.  Hilariously, they are filled with stories about the boys I liked, the worries I had, the activities I did and people I used to see every day, who I haven't seen in years.  In a way, it's odd to realize that your life now is completely different than it was 12+ years ago. It's also a little bizarre to realize that your written voice over time changes. Thank God I'm not nearly as neurotic as I was when I was 16.  That girl needed a good adult mentor and a valium. Probably at the same time.

It's also strange to realize that one's priorities can completely shift with life stage changes.  I no longer spend my afternoons in rehearsals for plays or my evenings needing emergency math homework help. I don't pine for cute boys or complain that my mom and I have to go shopping together. But perhaps the similarities in my previous life are more instructive. I still have many of the same close friends. I highly value real relationships. I still enjoy singing. I'm still pretty introspective. And I still wish that I journaled more so that I could have a peak into my life 20 years from now.


Laura said...

Oh my gosh. I do the same and think. Wow. I needed Valium, and a LIFE.

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Kim said...

Haha. I totally do the same thing. I read back on stuff I wrote, and I barely recognize that girl anymore. But the people who were significant in my life then are still significant now. And I feel like that really says the most about us.

I MISS YOU!!! We need to figure out a weekend to get together! <3